Interior and/or Exterior Window Cleaning

In today's New Building Market, trades have to be quick and productive. Sometimes interior/exterior finishing products end up on the glass (these products are often referred to as "Post Construction Debris").

We have extensive hours of experience and training on how to prevent damage to your glass while removing almost any "Post Construction Debris" you may have.

Post Construction Services - Safe and Clean!

Glass Surface Damage Prevention Consulting

Windows are a major cost of New Building Architecture - Protect them!

Contact us for a Consultation on how to protect your new windows and their frames from all types of construction damage like: paint over-spray, mortar, silicone, welding/metal cutting slag and splatter, tar and more...

Did you know some surfaces of glass cannot be scraped with a common razor blade cleaning tool without causing major permanent damage?

Contact us  to discuss our other professional services like: Awning/Signage Cleaning, Grafitti Removal, Eaves Trough Cleaning and Vinyl Roof Cleaning.

Commercial Services for a competitive edge!

Commercial Window Cleaning

To maintain the upper edge in your competitive business, you must reflect an image of great customer service, outstanding product/service quality, integrity and above all else... cleanliness!

First impressions are very important; your store front/office space is the first thing potential customers see when they decide to visit - look your best!

Ask us about our Monthly Maintenance Packages for "Preferred Clients".

Hot and/or Cold Pressure Cleaning


Our mobile unit with 200 feet of hose can reach almost any job that needs to be cleaned using high or low, hot or cold water pressure.

Everything from Storefront Walkways to Dairy Coolers, Grocery Carts, 

Dollies, Trucks and more can be cleaned using tap water and heat/pressure.

Ask us to include Pressure Cleaning in your Monthly Maintenance Package.

Commercial Stainless Steel Detailing

For health reasons as well as aesthetics, Stainless Steel Oven Hoods, Pot Washers, Sinks and Trim can all be kept clean and looking new as long as they are being maintained and polished. Our staff pride themselves on using lots of elbow grease to keep your Stainless Steel fixtures looking shiny and new.

Residential Exterior Window Cleaning


Exterior Window Cleaning has always been our most requested Residential Service. Although as a "Preferred Client" on a regular Maintenance Schedule, you may also be entitled to some of our non-advertised services such as: Eaves Trough Cleaning, Siding Maintenance and Interior Window Cleaning as well (some restrictions apply).

Residential Services tailored to meet your needs.  

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